Monday, April 4, 2011

Melinda’s Homegrown Veggie Starts

I have organically grown, hardened off, healthy heirlooms and other special varieties available in 4” pots for $2 each. I am planning a plant sale for Saturday, April 30 from 10- 3. If you would like to stop by before that date please call me at 438-5077. In addition to tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, I have some greens and herbs.

-Green Moldovan- bright green fruit, large and tasty
-Dr Wynche’s Yellow- big, glowing orange fruits, tropical sweet taste
-Pike County Yellow- delicious and productive, pretty orange fruit
-Missouri Pink Love Apple- large, rich tasting fruit, very ornamental
-Pink Icicle- delicious, sweet and prolific
-Japanese Black Trifele- colorful, pear shaped fruit with sublime flavor
-Paul Robeson- famous for great flavor, distinctive, sweet, smoky
-Violet Jasper- little Oriental jewels, pretty fruit, early, productive
-Bonny Best- great, red canning tomato, loaded with flavor
-Henderson’s ‘Crimson Cushion’- delicious, big, red fruits
-Illini Star- heavy, early, superior flavor
-Ananas Noir- exciting, beautiful fruit, outstanding flavor
-Pineapple- fantastic flavor and beauty
-Brandywine Red- a classic, one of the best
-Burbank- yummy, juicy, prolific
-Rainbow Cherry Mix- tasty, yellow, red and orange tomatoes
-Siletz- round, red, determinant, heavy yielding

-Early Hot Jalapeno- that says it all
-African Cayenne- thick walled, yellow to orange to red coloring, tasty
-Anaheim- medium hot, long roasting peppers
-Chinese 5 Color- vibrant rainbow of colors, good for containers or in ground
-Corne de Chevre- tasty, great for drying and fresh
-Hungarian Hot Wax- good fresh or canned, tasty
-Leutschauer Paprika- lovely drying pepper for powder
-Long Purple Cayenne- pretty fruits, unique and spicy

-Corno di Toro Rosso- deep, glowing red fruits, wonderful fresh or roasted
-Doux DEspagne- sweet and flavorful, good producer, disease resistant
-Friariello di Napoli- famous frying pepper, yummy and productive
-Odessa Market- great tasting, beautiful and dependable
-Thai Long Sweet- light green, tapered fruit, great for grilling

-Applegreen- early, tender and delicious
-Brazilian Oval Orange- small bright red fruits, delicious in antipasto, grilled or fried
-Diamond- dark purple, slender fruit, superb flavor
-Japanese Pickling- produces large, long fruits, sweet and mellow
-Japanese White Egg- full, rich flavor, heavy yields
-Kazakhstan- tear dropped shaped fruit, heavy yields, early
-Listada de Gandia- very popular variety, white with purple stripes, sweet and tender
-Long Purple- very hardy, sweet flesh
-Louisiana Long Green-light green banana-shaped fruit with pale stripes, sweet and mild, heavy yields, tasty
-Ping Tung- wonderful, purple, sweet, delicious
-Rosa Bianca- colorful, light pink-lavender fruit, sweet
-Thai Long Green- mild and sweet, beautiful lime green color
-Violette Longue Hative- superb flavor, beautiful fruit

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seed Catalogues Available

Hello Neighbors! I am not starting plants for sale this year and don’t need all of these seed catalogues that I've accumulated. I get at least three every year from about 15 different companies. I am happy to share them. They range from Burpee to Johnny’s to Pine Tree, Park, Gurney, Seeds of Change, Territorial Seeds etc…. Call if you are interested - Jan at 438-4120.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bella Italia!

Monica's recent trip to Germany and Italy provided opportunities for hiking, cooking and, evidently, drinking very large mugs of beer! The first photo is Monica at the Coliseum in Rome. The second is a view while hiking Cinque Terre - centuries old villages, and spectacular views. The third is Wine tasting in the Chianti region of Tuscany - vineyards are dry farmed - wonderful wines paired with locally made cheeses, salamis, bruschetta, 15 year aged balsamic vinegars..... it was an amazing afternoon. The fourth photo is Monica at Octoberfest, Munich, Germany.

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